Personal Color Analysis


When I wore clothes casually, when rolled a stall, the color of the stall and the clothes that react with the pigment of the skin being reflected in the face, individuals have the original, issued to people around the various words we will.

When the color of skin color and was wearing were well matched, we will issue a word bright, friendly, healthy, beautiful, that cute. In addition, there are circles under his eyes shining effects such as wrinkles and inconspicuous, fair looks, looks good complexion, and eyes.

When the color is wearing and the color of the skin that caused the mismatch, it emits a dark, edgy, languid, the words look older, tired and called that. Also has the effect not happy or looked or looked dull skin, like under the eyes there is a bear, or a noticeable wrinkles that look like or even dead eyes.

Mismatch or whether it causes to which color matching is by people like.

When the matching color words and your own image is wearing emits want to become, to realize his ideal situation that will accelerate.

Personal Color Consulting diagnosed by Drape (cloth), what color dye and the original skin of your match, or if it would cause a mismatch what color drapes of various colors, to match the bottom of the face we will look at the trend.

Using a combination of color drapes and our own color analysis tools, we will identify your palette of best colors. We will then teach you to identify your best and worst colors for wardrobe, makeup, jewelry, accessories and interior design. You will take home a beautiful custom-made color fan containing fabric swatches in your best colors to use while shopping, a color fan guide book on how to use your color fan, and makeup application tips.

Personal Style Analysis

As clothes consist of color, design, texture, we human being, also are made from color (skin color), design(skeleton, face shapes, parts of your face)and skin texture.

Fashon style is divided into personalities depending on the design elements of you, which are skelton, face shapes and parts of your face.


Personal Shopping Service

Perhaps you are too busy to shop or just do not like it. Whatever the case, let us work with you on developing a wardrobe plan, pre-pulling our suggested items from the racks, and then accompanying you to the store to continue the consultation and help make your final decisions.

Regardless of whether you need new garments for yourself, or as a gift or business promotion, we can save you time, and help you find the perfect item for any occasion.


We start with a short shopping consultation , your wish list, sizes, etc. You will be asked to wear a certain type of outfit and other items on the shopping day when we meet.
At the store, we will shop together and we will visit the racks of clothing I have pre-selected and you will spend much of your time in the dressing room trying on items we agree on.